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Your very own, personal trainers.

Our hand-picked team of rockstar instructors are united in guiding and empowering you through the ultimate workout every single time you choose a class, whether that be a quick 20-minute blast to kickstart the day, or a full body 60-minute set.


Reform RX CEO & co-founder, Yvette McGaffin is a functional movement specialist and Pilates expert having taught Pilates for 15 years, originally studying mat Pilates while attending Brent Street School of Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia. Reformer Pilates training followed alongside her years as a professional dancer. Honing her craft teaching and studying different methods with studios in London, Australia, New Zealand and Toronto, Yvette founded her own studios in the UK, Reform Studios in 2015, where she trained Game of Thrones Producer Bernadette Caulfield for several years as well as Sir Ian McKellen and professional sports athletes.

Yvette created the Reform method and continues to train new Reform instructors. Yvette is a highly motivating teacher and a stickler for form. This combo adds to the intensity of her classes, and ultimately leads to smarter workouts and faster results. Reform RX was established in 2018 with the vision of creating the world’s best Pilates Reformer that will deliver life changing results with an unrivalled combination of functionality, connectivity and instructor talent.


Kourtney McCullough is a Pilates expert and functional movement specialist and has been training clients in Los Angeles for over a decade. She holds certifications in biomechanics, pre and post natal training, muscle imbalance assessment, and posture and gait analysis. She believes in teaching the body to work efficiently as a whole system rather than training individual parts. Her goal is to not only deliver the most effective, muscle quivering workouts, but also to empower her clients to develop better somatic awareness and to inspire them to make behavioural changes that over time will lead to permanent positive change. Her clientele has included Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Sara and Erin Foster


A fully qualified reformer Pilates and mat Pilates instructor, Maya Boyle's passion for teaching comes from working with her clients in both 1:1 and group settings on a daily basis. With a mission to make movement and fitness enjoyable and accessible to all, Maya is driven by the daily feedback she sees in her clients’ mood, confidence and energy that makes her appreciate just how important movement is. Her goal for every single class that she teaches is to ensure her clients feel balanced and empowered.Maya’s passion for healthy movement paired with the spirit of empowerment is what drives her to provide creative and mindful classes. Pilates, to her, is the discipline that ties it all together -breath, coordination, balance, accessibility and joy.

Dr Femi

Femi Betiku is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, rehabilitating and optimizing the function of various populations through the Pilates method in which he utilizes his specialty in strength and conditioning. For over 10 years Dr. Betiku has successfully worked as the movement doctor for various athletes and exercising individuals.

His goal for every workout is to optimize movement while maximizing out an individual's physical potential with each move.

Femi has obtained a strong reputation for his approach to fitness and has been an expert opinion for various news sources such as: the NY Times, Washington Post, Yahoo Sports, MSN, SELF Magazine, and Bustle to name a few!


Luke Lombardo's first love is fitness, as witnessed by his credentials as a Global Fitness Consultant, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer – and RX Instructor! Luke is a former IronMan Triathlete and has been a dedicated athlete from a very young age, placing in the top 20 of his age group in several marathons, including a 16th place finish in the LA Marathon. Having trained clients and certified trainers across the entire globe, he brings endless high energy and athleticism to his strength-focused RX workouts, so expect to feel motivated from start to finish.

Luke claims that nothing in the world makes him happier than helping others reach their fitness goals, and this shines through in each and every RX workout.