Velocity. Power. Speed.
Before It Even Moves.

Th RX Pilates reformer has been crafted by an award-winning team of design engineers, who combined innovation and premium materials to create an elegant and modern reformer that you will be proud to own and show off in your space. Revolutionary features have been incorporated to heighten the training experience, meaning you have less to think about, and more time to move.

Digitally Connected,

Equipped with a 21.5” High-Definition touchscreen tablet, the RX brings world-renowned trainers into your space, at any time. Choose from an ever-growing library of 100+results-driven on-demand workouts that will keep you motivated and coming back for more.

Diverse and Results
Driven Workouts.

A Pilates reformer workout is a full-body training solution. It strengthens and conditions every single muscle group in your body for a longer, leaner, and more powerful physique.

The Reform RX method provides you with contemporary and challenging workouts, that build on the core principles of Pilates by encompassing strength and cardio based training.

Access Unlimited
On-Demand Classes.

With your All-Access Membership ($39/mo based on 12 month minimum term), you can unlock an entire library of classes ranging from 5-60 minutes that will enable you to meet your personal wellness goals.

Move With Purpose & Intention.

Reformer Pilates is the only workout solution that can improve and support your body’s muscoskeletal system. Build endurance and cardiovascular fitness levels, enhance overall flexibility, stability, and posture through our ever-growing library of classes.

Meet Your Goals & Receive Real Time Feedback.

The RX tracks your movement to the thousandth of a second using unique technology integrated into its Smart Spine. Receive real-time data on calories burned, heart rate and power output during your class, followed by a post workout breakdown on screen.

Explore The RX.

User-friendly, color-coded push button technology to engage desired resistance load, with selected resistance displaying on screen in real-time. Choose resistance options from 22lbs to 143lbs.

An infinity footbar maximizes your training potential with 21 different locking positions.

A Pilates Chair, built into a Pilates reformer design, for the first time.

A secondary two-step platform at the back of the RX, offering you increased range of movement.

Ergonomic handles positioned on all four corners of the carriage for enhanced safety and functionality.

An Immersive Studio Experience, Anywhere.

Built-in Bluetooth compatibility means you can connect your headphone or earphones to your RX. It’s like your RX instructor is right beside you.

Select the casting functionality and cast your RX content to another screen in your room for enhanced instructor visibility.

Integrate Your RX Into Your Overall Wellbeing.

Pair your RX to a WHOOP or Polar heart-rate monitoring device to receive accurate analysis of your heart-rate during class.



• Size: 21.5"
• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FHD
• WiFi: 802.11a
• RAM/Memory: 2GB/16GB
• Bluetooth: BT 5.0
• Sensor NFC
• 2x Rear Inbuilt Speakers


• Reformer: 230 lbs
• Reformer with Touchscreen Tablet: 244 lbs
• User Height Range: 4’10” to 6’7”
• Weight Limit: 375 lbs


• Length: 127 in (with tablet)
• Width: 27.5 in
• Height: 15.5 in (from ground to carriage)
• Allocate approx.1.6 ft around your Reform RX

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How durable is the Reform RX?

Reform RX is a commercial grade quality reformer and is therefore designed to endure heavy use, whether in your home or in a commercial setting.

Our designers underwent a rigorous two-year testing period, which involved running millions of cycles to ensure both the longevity and durability of the RX. 

The RX reformer's components are both water and sweat resistant.  

What data metrics does the RX track?

After you have completed a workout on your Reform RX, you will be able to view a breakdown of your post-workout analytics, including the total number of calories burned, total power output and your heart rate zones.

What are the Reform RX classes like?

Our world-leading instructors teach reformer Pilates in a dynamic, contemporary style. The classes are broken into four sections: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility and How-to, and are also split into beginner, intermediate and advanced level, so will all vary in pace. 

To view sample classes, please visit our YouTube channel here.

What's included in the All-Access Membership?

As part of our Reform RX Membership, you will have access to our ever-growing library of classes, which range from 20-60 minutes. Reform RX classes are designed specific to user goals including endurance, flexibility, strength and weight loss. 

With the membership, you'll be able to follow other RX users to be inspired by the workouts they're completing on their reformer. 

Additionally, you can access your post-workout analysis after every class, which includes a breakdown of total calories burned, total power output and average heart rate.

Up to 8 user accounts can be created under one membership, so your friends and family can enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits that Reform RX offers.

*Membership is priced at $39 per month and has a 12 month minimum term requirement.

Is Reform RX compatible with any wearable tech?

Yes, the Reform RX reformer is compatible with both WHOOP and Polar heart monitoring wearable devices.