Welcome To The Evolution Of Pilates.

Five years ago, Reform RX co-founders, Neal and Yvette McGaffin embarked on turning a their vision – to reinvent and reimagine how the world views reformer Pilates – a reality.

From running boutique studios in the UK for seven years, to Yvette's career spanning more than 15 years teaching reformer Pilates around the world, together they recognized that there had been little to no innovation within the industry for almost 50 years.

The Pilates reformer – both its design and functionality, had remained untouched. They knew it could do more, and that the potential to evolve this equipment and elevate the user experience was waiting to be unlocked. So, in 2018, they set out on a mission to create the reformer that Yvette always wanted for both her studios and clients. Alongside the talented team of product designers at Grove Design, based in Hertfordshire, England, they created the RX–a next-generation, commercial grade, digitally-connected Pilates reformer.

The RX epitomizes innovation and represents the evolution of Pilates. It combines exquisite craftsmanship and design with best-in-class technology to bring to market the most premium Pilates equipment offering this space has ever seen.