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Join Australia’s fastest growing Pilates franchise and own your own STRONG Pilates studio. In 2022, the pilates industry experienced 250% growth in Australia & New Zealand* with its popularity now 2.8 times that of yoga in Australia alone~. The global Pilates & Yoga market has an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 10.0% from 2021 to 2028, with majority of the key players being Pilates studios.^

STRONG Pilates founders Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong sit among the elite in Australia’s fitness industry. They talk the talk as well as walk it, mostly because they have been in your shoes. This duo have owned a number of high performing franchise fitness studios, including some that were the highest performing for their market in Australia. They found a gap in the fitness industry for a long term, sustainable, safe, no impact model which led to our unique concept.

Launched in October 2019, STRONG Pilates is growing exponentially with 130+ territories sold & reserved across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Spain and the UK.


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When Vogue call you "Pilates 2.0"

The Reform RX is the world's first digitally connected pilates reformer and it is changing the game - forever.

No other Pilates reformer platform features a huge built in HD screen, bluetooth connectivity and a wide selection of challenging digital classes by renowned reformer pilates trainers-some of who have trained celebrities like Jennifer Aniston.

Get scultped like the stars on your very own Reform RX.

Studio Quality Pilates in your Home

Studio Quality Pilates in your home!  That is how I would summarise my Reform RX investment.  I don't need to worry about studio waitlists or scheduling in time to and from the studio and I have access to the best classes and instructors.  The programs are results driven, I love the Advanced targeted results and light and shade programs I've just completed.  It's on my terms and available to me morning, noon and night.  The quality of the reformer is better than what I have experienced in studios with more options of exercises and it feels luxurious.  Very happy that I went for it. 

I see it as an investment in my body and my health

I've had the RX reformer for the last few months and I'm loving it so far. It's super premium in terms of its overall look and feel, and the way the platform is incredibly intuitive. I like my workouts to be intense so I know I'm working every part of my body and the RX does exactly that. Would recommend the accessories if you like your cardio - any classes that feature the jumpboard are great for raising your heartrate. It's an investment, but I see it as an investment in my body and my health so for me, it's worth it.


The machine, the instructors, the display and content are amazing! It is so motivating to work alongside someone professional and see that they're working as hard as you are too. The RX is such a dynamic machine with endless options, the innovation of the team who create the content is so impressive, honestly these workouts are the best. I couldn't recommend this enough. It is well worth the investment.

You certainly have a GREAT product - a work of art

My goodness, thank you so much for your attention to your customers - and to detail.  You certainly have a GREAT product - a work of art, as I said before - I tell everyone about it!